Guangzhou AIPOU Electric was established in 1998.

Guangzhou AIPOU Electric was established in 1998. Since the company was built up, adhering to the outstanding quality, reasonable cost, efficient operation, customer satisfaction, business philosophy to the winner zone theory as a criterion, in the company to stay ahead of the field of development, to ensure that the public, partners, employees, companies, suppliers, shareholders Ge the common interest of parties a reasonable opportunity to meet and development, enabling the company to a solid, stable sustainable development.
With the increasing popularity of home appliances, Aipou focus on the development and production of "aipou" brand electrical products, with the development of the industry, AIPOU Shi Ying electrical trends continue to grasp customer needs, tireless research and innovation, it has been the formation of KARAOKE players and other products, and win a good response in the market and achieved good results in the market-leading, AIPOU also be research, development, production and sales of the industry leading companies.

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